Exploring our Feelings

March 14, 2010. A short 55-minute dharma talk given in English by Thich Nhat Hanh at the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village. This talk is given a month after the end of the Winter Retreat and also the annual period a rest. Spring is beginning to arrive in Plum Village and our Teacher reminds us this is a moment of happiness.

The focus of this talk is our feelings – painful, neutral, and pleasant feelings. Short, simple and clear. Please enjoy.

Update: Later that day he said, “anyone who has a chance to listen to this talk is very lucky…. and that this one talk alone is enough for a lifetime of practice.”


Your Heart is like a Flower

April 4, 2010. This 65-minute dharma talk was given by Thich Nhat Hanh in Dharma Cloud Temple, Upper Hamlet, Plum Village.

I have a couple other talks from March to post, but am starting with the latest talk given by our Teacher. Please enjoy. Some of he the themes explored are:

It’s spring time and every flower is open. Your heart is like a flower. Let your heart be open like a flower. The Kingdom is here and now.

Right Thinking. We suffer because we don’t know how to think. What is Right Thinking?

Our environment is created by our Right Thinking. You can be protected by the right environment to transform your suffering. The Upper Hamlet is a product of all of us who want to create a right environment with the collective energy of mindfulness. Thinking is already acting.

In Buddhism we speak of retribution – the retribution of our action. Karma. Our action consists of thinking, speaking, and doing. There are two aspects of retribution. The first result is our five skandhas.