Paramattha Sutta, Part I


January 31, 2010. This 75-minute dharma talk in Vietnamese, with translation into English by Sister Chan Khong, was given by Thich Nhat Hanh in Upper Hamlet, Plum Village.

A sutra on absolute truth.

Here we begin the study of a new sutra from the early life of the Buddha, before the time of monasteries. The sutra is available in two Chinese versions and in the Pali one. We are only looking at a small portion of a much longer text (lines 796-803). This sutra may have been translated in Vietnam before Master Tang Hoi went to China.

The sutra is divided into six sets. Giving. Precept. Endurance. Diligence. Meditation. Deep Understanding. The last part is prajnaparamita. Here we are learning sutra #89.


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By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.

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