Attadanda Sutra (Part V)


April 29, 2010. 52-minute dharma talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh in Assembly of Stars Meditation Hall, Lower Hamlet, Plum Village. The talk was given Vietnamese and is translated into English. This is the final talk in this series.

The Sutra on Transforming Violence and Fear was given in the first year of the Buddha’s teaching and is known as Absolute Truth (Attadanda) Sutra #16. It is a very ancient text, but still very relevant to our time. This first two talks were given February 7 and February 11 during the Winter Retreat and the Part III and Part IV were given during the Spring Retreat.

This talk covers stanzas 17-20.

17. No one caught in the concept of mind and objects as reality that are interdependent from each other or any other concepts, not seeing anything to grasp. Understanding that space and objects are empty. Nothing in this world can make the practitioner complain or grieve.
18. Having completely transcended all concepts, including the concept of an object, there is not a single practice among all the practices that we do not achieve.
19. Having attained understanding, the practitioner is no longer dependent on anyone.
20. Looking down, the muni doesn’t feel proud. Looking up, he doesn’t feel afraid. He dwells in nondiscrimination and is not caught in any view. At that time, all conflicts have stopped. Hatred and jealousies disappear, even when he is understanding, he has no pride.

By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.

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