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September 8, 2010. 72-minute dharma talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh in Singapore during the Peaceful Mind, Open Heart Retreat at the Kong Meng San Pu Jue Zen Monastery. The talk is in English and the last portion is giving by Thay Phap Hai and Sr. Concentration. During the months of September and October, Thay will be traveling throughout Southeast Asia giving retreats and talks. This is the first stop.

The primary focus of this talk is to provide instructions for enjoying the retreat. The retreat is an opportunity to practice Applied Buddhism. We learn the basic practices such as listening to the bell, connecting body and mind, mindful walking, brushing our teeth, eating meditation, and more.

It is a short talk with a specific focus, but the reminders are good to bring home and practice wherever we are. Please enjoy.


By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.


  1. I wish I could throw away all the fetters of life. What’s a pity I have to run around the mill for a bite everyday though. You preachers are fed by devout disciples. What I have to do is to look into my meager income and figure out how to make ends meet. Bless is he who has nothing to worry!

  2. But you can run around the mill mindfully, with awareness…. There is no need to worry…. there is only this moment…. the past has gone and the future is not yet here…. there is only now…. breathe in knowing you are breathing in and breathe out knowing you are breathing out even when running around the mill…….. may you find a way to make ends meet…. my thoughts are with you…. I wish you well

  3. Thank you so much Thay, you bring me always inner peace and calm, my heart smiles, your channelled words from God help all of us who are blessed to know you with your comforting speeches and sharing. May your life be blessed and long always!

  4. I listen again and again to these inspired words.
    I sat before Thay in CO a few years ago. I sat in his field of golden light. A wind lived within its peace. He sat undistracted and moved within IT with eloquence and Self composure.
    Far behind him, on the stage, I saw a chair and an ancient one sitting on it. This one, I knew, was of Thay’s lineage. He had long dark hair and a beard. Not seperate from Thay…
    We are all connected as One through the breath.
    I love You!

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