A Cultivated Mind Can Bring Happiness


April 5, 2012. 125-minute dharma talk given at The University of Nottingham by Thich Nhat Hanh. The sangha is on the UK and Ireland Tour and this is orientation for the Cultivating Happiness Family Retreat.

We begin with an introduction to chanting. By recognizing the suffering in ourselves and the world, we can gain understanding and compassion. The Avalokiteshvara chant begins about 23-minutes into the recording.

About 46-minutes into the recording, a short dharma talk is given by Thay. A cultivated mind can bring a lot of happiness. This is the practice that can transform the suffering. How do we cultivate? Awareness of breathing is a form of enlightenment. We are practicing to come back to the here and now. Following this talk, the monastics (Brother Phap Ung and Brother Phap Lai) continue with some of the basic practices such as listening to the sound of the bell, eating, noble silence, and listening to dharma talks.



Cultivating the Mind: Nottingham Retreat Orientation from Plum Village Online Monastery on Vimeo.


By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.

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  1. So grateful to have the opportunity to listen such wonderful music and the words of Thich Nhat Hanh Darma. What a treat! LOved the sound of the bells which brought me such peace and presence of mind all while sitting in the comfort of my own home. I felt connected to the energy of this collective group of consciousness. Thankyou. This presentation has reminded me once again to sit in peace, walk in peace and breathe. Breathing deeply cultivating seeds of happiness…

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