Fresh Opportunities of Abundance


As we continue to send Thay our lovely energy of healing, we look back to a dharma talk he gave on January 26, 2003 from the Dharma Nectar Temple, Lower Hamlet, Plum Village. The sangha is in the middle of the Winter Retreat and the lunar new year is approaching. This short dharma talk (48-minutes) begins with a monastic chant in Vietnamese.

The Buddha teaches we should try to make our practice pleasant, joyful, and nourishing. There are several different types of joy. Mindfulness is the key to exploring. How should a practice center be organized? Are we creating the right conditions?

The two sentences for the coming lunar year (2003) are part of the practice – All misfortunes entirely away. Fresh Opportunities seen in abundance. – we post these in order to remind us of our practice. We have many opportunities to practice all around us. Can you write down all the opportunities available to you? Mindfulness will help us touch these opportunities.

Other kinds of joy. Sangha building. Helping our brothers or sisters in the community can bring both a lot of joy. This is based on understanding and love. There may also be a kind of joy based upon craving. Craving for recognition and praise. Can you learn to operate as a sangha? How?

You don’t need to be #1 to be happy. The teaching is a teaching of no-self. Inferiority. Superiority. Equality.

How can we take care of our ups and our downs? We cannot hide our suffering. How to ask for help?

The 51-mental formations in the boat of self. We have the five universal and five particulars – these are travelers in the boat of ourselves. They can also form a team and work together. Mindfulness and concentration. We have to learn to live in harmony with the sangha of self.

Smile and breathe. Enjoy the gem.

By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.


  1. thank you my friend for continuing to make Thay’s wisdom available to each of us … be well … Randall (River Sangha, Salem, Oregon)

  2. Lovely, def a gem, and have never heard Thay talk about listening to music and chanting like that before, many thanks, Trish

  3. Thank you for your effort of generosity to share Thay’s wisdom. I really appreciate to have access right her in the studio. Sophie

  4. My questions to each of you who have responded in the discussion is why is this Thays wisdom? How come you don’t just possess this knowledge? And why isn’t it yours? I have practiced mindfulness. But still it gave me no purpose.

    If you are a man then you have purpose otherwise you are a boy still trying to find your destiny. Lastly, my three questions are one questions and they all are rhetorical.

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