1. Whoever hears the bell

    Suffering is there, but no sufferer is there
    The deeds there, but not a perpetrator is found
    Redemption there, but not the redeemed
    There is a way, but no one sees hikers

  2. What does it mean to transcend this dimension by means of a meditation practice of stillness and humility, to experience the singularity of no future or past, nothing to do and nothing left undone. no perception of anything except tranquility, and awareness that there is no suffering or wrong except for that manufactured by the ego. Only to be given instructions by the Oracle and returned to the dimension of duality. It seems then antithetic to try to overcome or engage this dimension by means of some specific behavior if goodness and love are merely the opposite sides of the coin of fear and ignorance that perpetuate the illusion of perception. Please help me. Namaste.

  3. Body, space, and mind in perfect oneness.
    I send my heart along with the sound of this bell.
    May all of those who listen to me awaken from forgetfulness.
    And transcend the path of anxiety and sorrow.

  4. Sound & Silence of the Bell
    “Sleeping butterfly
    Like the silence in the bell
    Holds the sound of pure joy”

  5. Lyell, As an application of the antithetical in this case would be
    relating to or consisting of a proposition that is the opposite of another already
    proposed, so yes there is opposite sides to the same coin. How this practice is significant rests in
    one’s ability to surrender the ego in service to the higher self rather than
    disowning either side. For me, It’s not
    about one verses the other but reaching a balanced state where both blend into
    a shared state of nothingness, a nothingness containing all possibilities yet
    not materialized. We need the ego to help us bring lofty ideals into this
    world, to create peace and love as a manifestation on the material plane… yet…
    to do so the ego must be tamed to be of service to the higher self and its’ principles… this is called ‘lifting the
    veil’ of illusion. So yes, two sides to one coin… also, there is only one
    coin. I think of separation as the ultimate heresy and unity as
    the ultimate reality. I offer this only as my opinion knowing, full well, you
    are capable of making the necessary connections for you to develop a useful and
    meaningful way to make sense of this process in order to achieve the higher
    purpose of your unique spiritual journey.

  6. Hi Cherie,
    Thank You for taking the time to share your thoughts.
    Honestly, I have no interest in the perceptions of others regarding this dimension.
    I am seeking fellow travelers with cognizant experiential knowledge (And by cognizant I mean; Yes, I was awake, yes, I was in my prayer closet, yes, I intentionally entered into a state of meditation, no, I was not laying down, no, I was not asleep, and, no, this was not a dream.) of transcending this dimension, gaining access to another dimension, encountering beings in that dimension, and acquiring enough knowledge to begin the unfolding experience of enlightenment. I have already done these things. I am seeking others with the same experience. Thank You for sharing though! namaste

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