Sexual Misconduct


We continue our series of posts with questions and answers. In this sixth post, we hear one question.

The session takes place on August 16, 2007 during the Stonehill College retreat during the U.S. Tour. The retreat theme is Mindfulness, Fearlessness, and Togetherness.

Question about healing within my church community. A church leader who has acted inappropriately with sexual misconduct. The person is now gone, but we still need a healing process. Is that important even when some don’t want to or with people who didn’t even know the person?

By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.


  1. Dear brother, dear speaker unfortunately the voice don t come clear via podcast, cant understand meaning clearly (voice)
    as well sound level
    Thank you

  2. I could not hear/understand the words of the podcast. Yes, when an institution or organization has supported an individual who has committed malfeasance to any member of the group, it must be viewed as an overt and aggregious act to the entire community. Transparency is essential. Full and complete responsibility needs to be voiced loudly so all can hear. It is a given that noone is perfect. Humility begs full disclosure without fear of consecuences because the consecuences are not at issue.

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