English/German European Institute of Applied Buddhism Retreats

To Be Means to Interbe


May 21, 2011. 127-minute dharma talk given in English, with consecutive translation into German, with Thich Nhat Hanh. This is the final talk Dharma talk offered by Thay in the German Retreat at the European Institute of Applied Buddhism in Waldbröl, Germany.

Right view and non-discrimination and non-dualistic thinking. Thoughts, speech, and action are three products of our daily life. These are out continuation into the future. Karma. With mindfulness, concentration, an insight we can assure a beautiful future. The Five Skandhas, the environment and retribution. Mindfulness can also transform the past.

Thay shares about the Eightfold Noble Path, particularly the three karmas of body, speech and mind. “What we produce in terms of thought, speech, and actions will never be lost. When this body of ours disintegrates, our karma continues always, and will be expressed in new forms of life. So the dissolution of this body does not mean our end. By practicing mindfulness, concentration, and insight it is possible to ensure a beautiful continuation into the future.”

The Three Doors of Liberation. Emptiness. Signlessness. Aimlessness.

The talk was given in English and German at the same time and is available below for listening or download. You may also view the video.