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March 1, 2011. 60-minute Dharma Talk in French given by Thich Nhat Hanh at New Hamlet, Plum Village, France. This is the first day of the 5-day French Retreat and the translation is provided by Sr. Pine. We are testing a new platform with this retreat so the audio recording carries both languages – the French on the left and English on the right. Enjoy.

Suffering can be neutralized. And love is what can do this transformation. Understanding can generate love. To live, we must love.

The teaching on true love by the Buddha is clear. How do we taste this happiness? To love is to offer your presence. Meditation cam make us fresh. One in-breath is enough to bring you present.

Darling, I am here for you.This is the first mantra of Plum Village. When you are in touch with yourself, then you can be present.

The beauty of the earth. We should love her. If you love her, you will do anything to preserve it. One in-breath. One step in mindfulness.

Darling, I know you are there and I am happy. This is the second mantra of Plum Village. If you are present then you can so this. Precious presence of the other.

Provides some waking meditation guidance. The ability to stop and share something beautiful.

Shares story of meeting Martin Luther King and about community. The beloved community. The importance of building sangha. There are so many people in our society who are lost. They need a sangha. This is why you build a sangha in your area. It takes a lot of love and a lot of patience to build a sangha. Loving speech and compassionate listening are the instruments we use to build sangha.

Today the topic has been on suffering. We use consumption to try and forget out suffering. The teaching is we must come back to ourselves and get in touch with the suffering. It will help us to transform it. Then we can understand the suffering of the other person.

Deep compassionate listening.

The talk was given in French (left channel) with English translation (right channel) and is available below (French and English are on the same recording) as well as video version.

By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.


  1. The volume of the English translation is too low to hear. Thay’s French is loud and overpowers the English translation. The translator is whispering. My French is not good enough to translate Thay’s French so I can understand this. What I can gather is beautiful and I am sorry I can’t really hear this.

  2. Anna Maria,
    You will want to listen with only the right speaker to hear the English clearly. If you listen on the computer, you may need to look for the audio settings to play only the right side.

  3. Thank you. I am still trying to figure out how to find the audio settings. I am not the sharpest tack in the pack when it comes to my computer.

  4. For those who don’t know how to adjust the audio settings to play only with the right speaker, or who don’t want to have to change the audio settings every time they want to listen to a dharma talk, here is a suggestion:
    • Plug your headphones into your computer.
    • Take the left headphone away from your ear.
    Now you can hear the English without the French!

  5. Hello there, Don’t know if this will work on your computer, but on mine I have to go into Control Panel, then click on ‘speech sounds and audio device’, then ‘change sound scheme’, click on ‘volume’, then ‘speaker set-up’ and adjust the ‘left’ or ‘right’ as needed and you’ll hear only the one you want. But I find the easiest option is just to move the headphone a bit, as I like hearing Thay’s voice in the background as well, though mine seems to work the opposite way round, the English translation comes on the left! Trish

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