Mindfulness as a Foundation for Health

September 14, 2011. Thich Nhat Hanh offered a half-day of mindfulness at the Googleplex for Google employees and their families in Mountain View, CA. Here you can enjoy the Google-produced video of the event. This is part of the @Google Talks series.

By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.


  1. Hello there – many thanks, as ever – and what a lovely finale to the North America marathon, they have all been wonderful, I especially love the format where we have a chance to meet some of the monastics and there is also a Q&A session at the end. How times have changed – I keep remembering when I first found Thay’s talks in ’04, the only format was written transcripts which I carried with me to read when I was out and about! Can I just ask you about the Deer Park website, which I think maybe you also deal with, will we be getting the podcasts back, and will there be an online Winter Retreat study group like the “14 verses on mindfulness” we were given by the monastics last year? Trish

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