Who is the Buddha?


May 27, 2012. 65-minute recording given at New Hamlet, Plum Village by Thich Nhat Hanh. This is a Day of Mindfulness.

We learn who the Buddha is through the teachings of the Buddha. When we bow to the Buddha, we should see our true connection. Interbeing. The Buddha is enlightened with deep understanding and compassion. How can we produce it? The first step is awareness of suffering. The four noble truths.

The Buddha is a human being. He is not a god. The Buddha is made of non-Buddha elements. Thay then makes the connection to the planet and science. The Buddha can be a sub-atomic particle.

We hear two questions from the audience. How can we handle out habit energy in daily life? How can I heal violence around me?

Thay reminds us the 21-day retreat begins in a few days. This will be part of our 30-year anniversary. For each dharma talk during the retreat, we will sit together in silence for 8-minutes. Stop our thinking and feel the presence of ourselves and others. There should be no noise during this time. Thay also wrote an intimate letter to a young scientist in preparation for retreat.


By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.


  1. Thank you so much, Th?y! May your teaching reach everyone who craves to learn about the way out off the beginningless/endless suffering rounds. But I have a major reservation. The fully enlightened Thathagatha doesn’t sit there just producing some “electricity” to sustain his/her level. He/she does that to show how to do it; to allow to get used to a routine time-frames and to protect in his field. He could have being whistling all the way, if not having a resolve to teach his followers. He did not meditate a single hour after his becoming a Buddha, because that would show everyone that he isn’t sure nor in a result and its lasting effects to every single yogi around. That would be a shame. Not like these days, though.

  2. very interesting comment, i would love to hear from where did u find that he didnt meditate or sit with other sanga or yogi what ever u say…?? he had his assiatants to teach ad show the path to new comers…
    an experienced teacher in a school becomes later the principal, but does he go to classes everyday to teach every student…??? no he has made the way by empowering others to help students….think bit openly instead of having biased to any religeon

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