Introduction and Chanting in Mississippi


September 24, 2013. 120-minute dharma talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh from Magnolia Grove Monastery in Batesville, Mississippi during the 2013 Nourishing Great Togetherness teaching tour. This is the orientation for the 6-day retreat with the theme Healing Ourselves, Healing the World.

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Creating a healing environment in our physical and spiritual spaces. How do we produce a thought that is filled with understanding and compassion? Building a sangha or a practice center is one method. In our tradition, we begin by looking at our suffering. We can then recognize the suffering in the other person. This is the first and second noble truth. With this, the energy if compassion arises because you have touched and understood suffering.

Tonight, the monks and nuns will chant the name of Avalokitesvara in order to get in touch with suffering and help relieve the pain and suffering of others. As we listen, we should stop our thinking and be concentrated on our breathing. The chant begins at 19:44.

The talk resumes at 48:30 with an orientation to the practice with Br. Phap Dung and Sr. Dang Nghiem.

By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.


  1. thank u so so much for this wonderful dharma talk. it,s helped me so much. thank u

  2. Thank you so much! I’m glad we can hear this great orientation again. I appreciate your recording and archiving these precious living voices and making them available to everyone.

  3. Thank-you for this site. The chanting is beautiful and I love having it on my IPhone.

  4. Dear Br. Neufeld and our on-line community,
    Once again I hope that you are flagged upon any new comment, because I hope that this one will be important as feed-back to Thay.

    These beautiful and gifted younger teachers, Sr. Dang Nghiem and Br.Phap Dung! I and others with whom I shared are charmed with them! As a long listener, I relate perfectly to Thay’s manner, but for some of my “younger” listeners, they relate better to the more contemporary “voice” of Sr. Nghiem and Br. Dung. I think that the difference may be that before becoming monastics, these two have had a former life experience that more closely correlates to our contemporary life experience as laypeople. Their terminology and their manner comes across as two who know from the inside, and this is helpful to many. As for myself, I find the combination of a woman/physician/nun very powerful. Sr. Dang Nghiem’s story – of her dream of the harmful tick that revealed itself to also be a beautiful green caterpillar who winked at her, no less – will stick with me all of my life. WHENEVER anything seems one way or another to me, I will hear Sr. Nghiem say, “..and that little worm (who is also the tick), he wink at me!” This is not only easily memorable, but very powerful. Please do feed back to Thay how I appreciate these young continuations of his. I would be sure that many others do, too.
    Sr. Dang Nghiem also has a wonderful story about our Scorpion Nature in “the Mindfulness Bell”. In fact, this issue of the magazine is so chock-full of excellent ecumenical articles that I ordered five copies of it to give as Christmas presents. I have yet to see what their reception will be!
    Thank you, thank you again,

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