The Cake in the Refrigerator


From the Stillwater Meditation Hall at Upper Hamlet, Plum Village. This is the second question and answer session of the annual Summer Opening retreat at Plum Village on July 16, 2014. The talk is in English and both the audio and the video are available below.


  1. How can I feel less sad about my dog who has died?
  2. What do I do when my mom is angry with my father?
  3. How can I stay calm when I am annoyed?
  4. What does it mean “to guess”?

Teens and Young Adults

  1. When talking with friends, how do I stop the conversation from going toward gossiping and judging?
  2. How do you change people’s perception of you and ignore the reputation you already have?
  3. Why does Thay give these teachings and what does it bring Thay?
  4. Does Thay have some tips for me to help a lot of people in my future profession?


  1. A written question: How do I heal a suffering from sexual abuse when she was younger? Should I go to a therapist?
  2. In my country there is a great economic crisis. As a doctor who sees many people and I don’t know if I can say happiness is here and now.
  3. How do I practice with self love and also being open to receiving love? I struggle with deserving love.
  4. How can I better take refuge in the sangha because I feel more comfortable alone?
  5. How can I be there for someone who tends to lose herself in the presence of others?

By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.

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  1. I was having a rough day and put this on to listen while I worked in the kitchen, and it really lifted my spirits and put me on the right track. I appreciate so much having access to these talks.

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