Being Free from Dogma


This 58-minute dharma talk is the second half of a talk offered on November 17, 2005 at the New Hamlet, Plum Village.

Thay continues a discussion from the earlier dharma talk. When we make a statement in Buddhism, it should help to transform and to present the truth. Buddhism is not a philosophical position. Zen is free from notions, statements. For example,

Space is a conditioned dharma. Space is not a conditioned dharma.
Dharma and the non-dharma.

Does Buddhist fundamentalism exist? Are there those who have gotten dogmatic about the dharma. Buddhism should be free from dogma, but there is some dogmatism in Buddhism too. Why isn’t this a good thing?

The truth of interbeing. At the cellular level and in nature. In heart of reality there is cruelty, violence, and a struggle for survival. In the heart of reality there is also wisdom, compassion, and togetherness. And this is the foundation of reality.

We conclude with a brief teaching on Buddhism and science.

By Chan Niem Hy

Dharma Teacher.


  1. TNH’s comments at the end of this talk are immensely useful to today’s events (eleven years later). I shouldn’t be surprised by this. These are insights that are timeless in some way but suggesting we find spirituality in our daily life and the resistance against fundamentalism. He says the question of our time is how do we combine, or hold hands, between science and meditation.

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