Deer Park Monastery Questions and Answers Retreats

Finding Our True Home Questions and Answers


October 15, 2013. 103-minute dharma talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh from Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, California during the 2013 Nourishing Great Togetherness teaching tour. The sangha is on the 6-day retreat with the theme Finding Our True Home. Today we offer a session of questions and answers.

  1. How can I practice to have a connection with my father who has passed away? Also, can you talk about becoming a monastic?
  2. How can I stop being obsessed with playing video games?
  3. How do I practice compassion for those who are harmful to my family and friends?
  4. What is the purpose of doing good and creating happiness if they inter-are with suffering?
  5. How do I become more stable and confident in the decisions that I make and not to seek assurances from others?
  6. How do I work with having too much energy and a fear of burning myself out?
  7. I am fearful of the toxic air we are breathing, especially as it related to chem trails, and I am also angry. What can I do as an activist with these feelings?
  8. If I cause something and it doesn’t effect until the next life, who reaps the effects if there is no-self?
  9. I suffer from PSTD and I often wake up from nightmares. Are there practices I can do to work with my nightmares?
  10. I am new grandmother who’s heart has filled with love and a responsibility about the future for my grandchildren. I feel alone and fearful about the future.
  11. Seizing the moment for peace. Can you advise us on transforming our feelings of frustration to act for peace?
  12. How can I behave in a way so to not be a victim?


A Deep Volition of Practice


August 12, 2011. 85-minute dharma talk with Thich Nhat Hanh from War Memorial Gym at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. The sangha is on the North American Tour and this talk is a question and answer session.


  1. How did it feel when you left your country?
  2. Where did you learn to become mindful and to breathe?
  3. Do you think you’ve reached the highest level of Buddhism? Oh, can you play soccer with the kids today?


  1. Do you believe you have reached the stage of enlightenment, and if not do you think you will at some stage in your life?
  2. What was it like being on the Oprah Winfry show?
  3. What is the goal of Buddhism?
  4. I have self doubt and negative thoughts that keep me from enjoying myself; how can I overcome this?


  1. What are the best ways to connect with my volition to offer love?
  2. My suffering comes from chronic illness with a lot of physical pain and I am also an activist who cares very deeply for the world which leads to despair. What practices do you suggest for this type of suffering?
  3. What would be a good way to bring mindfulness to the inner cities?
  4. Awakening of the Heart. Are we as a society moving from the intellect to the heart? Is there a shift in our collective consciousness?

The talk is available below. There is a video version available too.