Create a Moment of Happiness


Podcast: Download (Duration: 45:13 — 103.5MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSMarch 10, 2013. 45-minute dharma talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh from Upper Hamlet at Plum Village during the Daffodil Festival. We have been quiet here on the archive because the sangha took time for lazy days as well as a monastic retreat (not distributed). This… Continue reading Create a Moment of Happiness

Communication and the Mind


Podcast: Download (76.9MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSMarch 25, 2012. 110-minute talk from Upper Hamlet in Plum Village, France. The talk is given in English. We begin with 10-minutes of chanting in Vietnamese and French. Communication. We trust to much in our instruments of communication – mobile phone, email Skype, etc. Behind the instruments is our… Continue reading Communication and the Mind

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